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The Complete Wi-Fi Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced 2019

Hack any Wifi Network, break every type of encryptions, bypass all security layers. Master the skills of WiFi hacking.

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Highly Advanced

In the course content, we have shown the most advanced methods and the best usages of hacking tools that you can use in many situations. The lectures are also beginner friendly so that anyone can follow them easily.


The full course is created (in real time scenarios) with the latest tools and devices. Necessary contents will be updated in the future. So no worries even if you are purchasing the course after a long period of time it was published.

Clearly explained

The lectures are clearly explained with tons of good examples and every content shows real-life applications, so the lectures are easy to follow, fun and pretty much engaging.


What the students say about the course

Charlie Evans

The course shows some practical methods of breaking into Wi-Fi networks. And the instructor is to the point. I followed his lectures, and it was a good experience for me. Well done :)

Muhib Rockster

Honestly, I experienced a new thing in WiFi hacking with this course and it's wifi-slax, I haven't use it before. He rally shows a lot more new things in this course in different ways. I think anyone can buy it, Different teacher teach,different thing and he is very good at this point so You can take it.

Timothy V. Thomas

So many methods in a short time, this is awesome. I notice him, he is always on the point and this a quality of certified people. In a single sentence, I can say, he is an experienced trainer on this subject. And the voice quality is wonderful!! I love it. I am following you, Ovirudda Islam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not satisfied with the course?

You can purchase the course without any risks. Udemy has a 30-days money back policy. You will be issued a full refund if you request for it within the 30 days of the purchase.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Udemy supports several different payment methods. See this for more information.

I am having issues purchasing the course. What should I do?

Purchase attempts can fail for a variety of reasons. Please see this for common issues.

What if I have any questions or comments about the course materials?

If you are already enrolled in the course, you can ask me in the Q&A section of the course. If you are not enrolled in the course yet, you can send the instructor a message from the course landing page. For more information on this, See this. Alternatively, you can write to support@ovidemy.com